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The dog has been esteemed and loved by all the people on earth and he has deserved this affection for he renders services that have made him man's best friend".
- Alfred Barbou

Training Programs

Military Working Dogs: A Tribute


"More than I could have even hoped for in a trainer. Nikki is a serious, driven trainer who effectively communicates what both the dog and the owner need to do to accomplish obedience and a good relationship with your dog. Her dog handling abilities are only matched by her compassion for them. If you’re from the area, I doubt you could find a better trainer." - Matthew D.

"Nikki has a proven track record not only in professional dog training, but IPO competition with her own dogs. Not many "trainers" have that experience. She understands and delivers the behavior you expect from your dog." - Brianna Keeler

"Our training was well worth every penny and second spent! We live in a fairly busy (at times) suburban town and Sherman … has adjusted very well. He is good about friends coming into the house but is not if someone he doesn't know.... which is exactly what we want. Thanks again for everything!!" - Kristen D